The life balance wheel (or the wheel of life) is a powerful self-assessment tool and a great foundation for goal setting. It helps you reflect on the areas in your life that you find most important and assess how satisfied you feel with your current situation.

The wheel is a circular diagram, divided into 8 equal parts. Each part represents one of the areas in your life that you find important. These can be different for each individual, as every one of us has different values, different things that define us.

Inside the wheel and every individual part is a scoring scale. Using the scale, you assess how fulfilled you feel in each chosen area. The scale goes from 1 (the center of the circle), meaning very unsatisfied, to 10 (the outer edge of the circle), meaning very satisfied.

Your wheel of life is completed once you’ve assigned satisfaction scores to all the categories that matter to you. The resulting spider web might should you surprisingly high (or low) values in some categories.

  • Scores ranging from 8 to 10: you are extremely satisfied in that category. Ensure this is maintained, however, there’s always room for improvement.
  • Scores ranging from 5 to 7: you are more or less satisfied with this category; however, there is definitely room for improvement and an opportunity for further development.
  • Scores ranging from 1 to 4: You’re not happy at all about this specific area. You definitely need to find approaches to improve the fulfillment here.

The scores offer you the chance to think about areas in your life that have been overlooked so far.